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Найлек домашнии технологии Home Intelligence works matters. We wanted to make a system that could be a natural part of your life. We started with wireless—tested and proven automation technology used in homes across the world today. Building upon that technology, we created the simplest way to use it—through the web devices you already rely on every day. You’re just a step away from being connected with Nexia. All you need to do is get started.

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С вашего Iphone (Смартфона)



Think of your phone as your mobile command center for your home. A custom app that works with most smart phones puts Nexia control in the palm of your hand. With quality, clean graphics and one-touch control, you can manage your home from all the places you carry your phone—which is everywhere.


  • Check your home’s status anytime
  • Grant lock access with just one touch
  • Manage lights when you’re on the road
  • Change temperature settings
  • Tap to see live video of pets and people
  • Get text alerts when lock is accessed
  • Receive alerts when a new recorded video is available






Через Ipad (Планшетник)


Whoever thought you’d be using a tablet to control the thermostat at your house—among other things? Nexia is all about going where you go, keeping you in touch with your home. That’s why we made Nexia easy and fun to manage from the tablet. It means clean touch screen control of your home, with simple viewing and friendly access via the web

  • Check the status of your locks, online at any time
  • Change your thermostat when the temperature dips
  • Let a neighbor in the house to water the plants
  • Get email alerts when anyone enters the house
  • Take a quick peek on live streaming video







Через компьютер, ноутбук, кпк


Home Intelligence to go to work with you. See inside your home and manage it all right there from your computer. It takes just seconds to open the controls you need to switch off lights, adjust the temperature, let someone in the house, and much more—all from your computer

  • Receive email alerts when front door is accessed
  • Create schedules for heating and cooling
  • View live video at your computer screen
  • Check out your HVAC runtime history
  • View and manage recorded videos at your convenience
  • Set-up video recording triggers to determine when video is recorded in your home.
  • Keep tabs on exactly how much video storage space you have remaining
  • Manage your Nexia account: add devices, create schedules, set alerts, and more